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Trance Magic®

Hypnotherapy System
by Donna Kannard, Ph.D.



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It would be impossible to acknowledge properly, completely, and adequately everyone whose influence has found its way into Trance Magic® Hypnotherapy System. However, I will do my best to give my appreciation and gratitude to all of the wonderful people who taught me, helped me, led me, inspired me, endorsed me, NLP’d me, EFT’d me, therapied me, and gently or not so gently prodded me to complete the first edition of this system.

My first exposure to hypnosis training was the basic weekend course of the American Institute of Hypnotherapy. Dr. A. M. Krasner’s class was so much fun, while being informative and confidence building. It did what it was intended to do. I was hooked. I had to know more, so I signed up then and there for the Ph.D. program. It introduced me to a new world of concepts, skills and information, not to mention friends and a support network that would inspire me. My first mentors in the early years were Dr. Jane Lake and Dr. Richard Neves. I learned so much from them. I met good friends and travelers on the path in Leticia Montiel-Oliver, and Marjorie Miles, who, to this day, support and encourage me. Dick Sutphen was a powerful influence as I studied his tapes and books, and led workshops on Past Life Regression. Dr. Bruce Lipton presented his research at our ABH conventions and explained the mechanics of how and why hypnosis works. He has since become a well respected best selling author. I was introduced to the world of NLP at that time. While I haven’t studied with Richard Bandler and John Grinder personally, I am so grateful for their work. They may well be the biggest influence in this presentation. I had such wonderful experiences with so many excellent trainers, including Tad James for NLP, Timeline Therapy™ and Ericksonian Hypnosis, Marilyn Sargeant, of NLP COMPREHENSIVE, Jayne Brown of NLPLA, Christina Hall and Gary Boone with NLP of SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA Michael Grinder, Gerry Schmidt and many of the other trainers from NLP COMPREHENSIVE. I thank my friend Eileen Bertie for her generous spirit and amazing knowledge. She made the drive from Van Nuys to Santa Ana in rush hour traffic for our weekly NLP study group. Michael Watson was so good at creating and teaching wonderfully effective Hypnosis and NLP techniques that I almost forgot I didn’t invent them. I was fortunate to be an assistant at many NLP trainings including Core Transformation™, NLP Training Institute of Los Angeles’s and Christina Hall’s certifications, , and Adept International’s NLP Practitioner certifications with Robert Link, Sean Holt and Betty Link. During that time I met Dr. Laurie Nadel, Psychotherapist, NLP MP, and Master Hypnotherapist as well as gifted journalist and author. She became a wonderful source of information and encouragement.

I then was exposed to the incredible world of kinesiology, or energy work. Evelyn Budd-Michaels (a fabulous Master Practitioner and Trainer of NLP) was inspiring as she mentored me in that world, along with Gary Boone, and Alex Holub. Wayne Topping, continues to be an inspiration with his many books and trainings, including Brain Gym®, Touch for Health®, and Wellness Kinesiology. Marilyn Lugaro and our Orange County Brain Gym® Network helped with clearings. Gary Craig with his EFT training has led me to create original ways of assisting clients and learn more about myself. Carol Tuttle more recently has given me techniques to break through my resistance to completing this work. Also coaching me was the awesome James Wanless, author of many books and creator of the Voyager Tarot.

I have such wonderful colleagues and friends in the business, giving suggestions, hearing my ideas and being very enthusiastic. These include my friends, Stephanie Jourdan, of New Focus Institute, Doctor Aviva Boxer, and members of the International Association of Clinical Hypnotherapists, President Laurie Miller, my pinochle partner, who often shares some of her brilliant innovations with me in the form of script ideas and therapy. Michelle Amburgie, Nanette MacLellan, Susan Gabriel, Janet Macy, Lillian Nader and Susan Thomas believed in the project. To my friend Bob Bull, thanks for helping me reword passages that were cumbersome or awkward. For so many good ideas and information about publishing I thank Jean Kreuger, she really helped me to finish up. She has been a tireless cheerleader for this system. I thank my friends in the Southern California Coaches Alliance, led by Kathleen Scott for holding the light for my project and seeing it completed when it was just an idea.

To Caroline Miller and Sue Strouse, thank you so much for your masterful editing and suggestions, they were invaluable.

For reminding me of Spiritual Truths, I thank Laurel Davila, Mario deFerarri, Margie LeRoux and Georgia Lambert. I must mention Bill Harris of Centerpointe Research Institute for his Holosync™ Solution CD’s and his mentoring in the form of his Life Principles Integration Process telecourses. Besides being powerful and practical self actualizing information, they happen to be the best NLP review I’ve encountered.

I really can’t close without thanking my husband, David Kannard. He is my computer wizard and has helped me in so many ways. Thanks to my sister, Lynne Kannard, for helping me with typing and being my administrative assistant and my son Danny, who did the cover art work and helps me do computer stuff, and last but not least, my “evil twin” Megan G. Orlando, who gives me great ideas, encouragement and support daily. My memory is not as good as it used to be, so if I have left anyone out, forgive me, I will probably think of you in the middle of the night. Just know that my heart remembers you with gratitude.

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Many years ago, along the shores of the worlds highest lake, a Quechua Indian told me you needed to do three things to be a full human being: plant a tree, have a child, and write a book. “Anyone can plant a tree.” he said, “And having a child is a gift from God, but a book….? Aah...”

As a mother, and a gifted gardener who has helped thousands plant and nurture the seeds of possibility that grow roots, branches, and leaves of fulfillment, there are few equal to Dr. Donna Kannard. That’s why I was delighted to hear she had taken on the formidable task of transposing the images, ideas, and impressions which form the foundation of her private practice into artful words on a page.

Trance Magic® captures the essence of Dr. Kannard’s finesse as a masterful practitioner of Ericksonian hypnosis and NLP. It was soon after I met her, at the American Board of Hypnotherapy Convention in 1993, that I became a client of sorts. I was at the convention to give a presentation on my book Sixth Sense . While I was there, Oprah invited me to come to Chicago to be a guest on her show.

I have to confess: The main reason I studied NLP and hypnotherapy was to conquer my fear of public speaking. At first, I was the classic phobic basket case. My palms would sweat, my lip would tremble, and tears would form whenever anyone said something nice to me, like, “Oh, you have a book coming out. When are you going to be on TV?” In order to be able to give a talk or workshop, I had to prep by anchoring confidence and stepping into the model of that future self who had already gotten up there and lived to tell the tale. It was getting easier but when I heard the word Oprah, it triggered my old fear and I instantly regressed myself to the pre-NLP younger self who was terrified.

Dr. Kannard offered to help me, on the spot, in the lobby of the hotel with dozens of people milling around. Hats off to her! I don’t recall the content of the induction. I do recall going into a mild, easy trance, waking up, and heading for the airport. The next day, as I was getting miked on the set, I looked around at a few hundred expectant faces and took a deep breath. Oprah asked her first question and ten minutes later, it was over. I have to admit, it was easier than I expected, thanks to Donna Kannard.

Over the years, as our friendship has grown, I have come to admire her as a brilliant empath who brings warmth and compassion to each conversation and encounter. I was thrilled to be able to give workshops with her in New York City on past life therapy for psychotherapists and on finding your angels for a general audience.

Dr. Ernest Rossi, who studied with Dr. Milton Erickson, has compared a hypnotherapy session to an encounter with a traditional shaman. When a wounded person presents before a shaman, he or she is undoubtedly a little anxious about what is going to happen…after all, a shaman is someone who journeys into non-ordinary reality “our collective Unconscious, if you will” to retrieve symbolic information that can be utilized to help the patient heal. The patient does not know exactly when the ritual is going to begin, or what will happen as the session unfolds. He or she has to trust that the shaman knows how to journey safely into the spirit realm.

During a hypnotherapy session, a client may be apprehensive about when and how the induction will take place, whether it will work, and how the therapist will guide him or her into the realm of the Unconscious to achieve healing. It is also essential that the therapist be able to guide the client safely back to ordinary reality. In both shamanic healing and hypnotherapy, Rossi says, the client brings a sense of expectation that some sort of magic is going to take place.

As you read Trance Magic® and experiment with the inductions and exercises that Dr. Donna Kannard has presented here, I wouldn’t dare to suggest that you, too, can bring a sense of expectation that some sort of magic is going to take place. All I know is that each time I look through the chapters; the author’s breezy, engaging, compassionate style is even more compelling than before. And if you close your eyes, you might even see her smiling, with a warm twinkle in her eye, as you just try not to go into trance.....now.

       Laurie Nadel, Ph.D., D.C.H.
        Long Beach , NY
        20 January 2006

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What people are saying about Trance Magic® Hypnotherapy System

“I gained some valuable information from Donna Kannard’s “Trance Magic™” and I’ve been a professional hypnotist for 30 years. If you’re a budding hypnotherapist, you’ll want this one on your book shelf.”
~Dick Sutphen, Hypnotist, Seminar Leader, author of many recordings and books, including, You Were Born Again To Be Together

“The new biology is on the verge of catapulting hypnotherapy to its rightful role as a preeminent healing modality. Whether you are a beginning hypnotherapist or just looking for new scripts and techniques, I highly recommend Donna Kannard’s Trance Magic® Hypnotherapy System. Donna’s expertise and tested protocols will jumpstart your practice and prepare you for future demands.”
~Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D. research scientist, lecturer and author of the best selling Biology of Belief: Unleashing the Power of Consciousness, Matter and Miracles

“Trance Magic® Hypnotherapy System is a fabulous resource for new hypnotherapists giving some Top Secrets to create great results while building a successful client base for a thriving practice. Good work Donna!”
~Carol Tuttle, best selling author of Remembering Wholeness

“Whether you are a seasoned hypnotherapist or you want to try self-hypnosis on your own, Donna's book is jam-packed with wisdom and will prove to be invaluable to you. I wish I had it years ago!"
~Jean Krueger, Ph.D. Professional Clinical Hypnotherapist, Author of: WHY THE WEIGHT? DARE TO BE GREAT!

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